Year End Awards USDF Shows

Show calendar year: October 1st to September 30th

**Scores are calculated as the median, NOT AN AVERAGE, per USDF. For riders earning more than the minimum five (5) scores, the LOWEST score is deleted from consideration (scores marked above with strikethrough are not counted), unless that score happens to be the only instance of the highest test of the level being ridden.

SCDCTA Dressage USDF Shows
To qualify for USDF show year end awards the following criteria must be met:
• Rider was an active member of SCDCTA in good standing at time of show
• Horse was registered with SCDCTA at time of show
• Show must be USDF recognized but does not have to take place in the state of South Carolina
• Awards are based on a single horse/rider team

• Intro to Fourth Level: A minimum of FIVE scores required to qualify for year-end awards; at least one score MUST be from the highest test of the level. Median score will be calculated from all scores earned during the show calendar year, except that the LOWEST score earned will be dropped (unless that score is the only one from the highest test of the level, in which case the next-lowest score will be dropped). If a horse-rider combination earns ONLY five scores, then the lowest score will be retained.

• FEI: A minimum of FOUR scores required to qualify; medians will be calculated as for Intro-Fourth Level, above

• Freestyle: A minimum of THREE scores required to qualify; medians will be calculated as for Intro-Fourth Level, above

Show Result Submission:
• Please submit the horse & rider USEF & USDF numbers in an email to by deadline
• Be sure to print out and keep a copy of your email confirming receipt of your numbers from the points coordinator
• In 2011 we will still be accepting paper submissions sent the old way, but please just submit membership numbers by email if at all possible
• Numbers can be submitted at any time of the year, starting in 2012 we will have a monthly updated list of submitted horse and rider names on the website

Rider’s responsibility:
• To check scores when posted to ensure their accuracy, reporting any discrepancies by the published deadlines (see timeline on the awards main page)