Jr/Yr Program

Jill Allard will be stepping down as the Junior Representative after many years of hard work and dedication to the Juniors and selfless service to the SCDCTA.  Words cannot express how grateful we all are for everything that Jill has created and accomplished.  Kathryn Butt of Charleston, SC will be stepping into this position and building upon the legacy that Jill is leaving behind.

Join us for the SCDCTA 2017 Junior Clinic!

June 20th & 21st, 2017 South Carolina Equine Park, Camden SC
Featuring Jodie Kelly and Elizabeth Zecca

Applications are due by April 30th! To apply you will need to be a current SCDCTA member 18 or under.

Send the following information to Jill Allard at BridleRack@gmail.com:

Name, Age, Horses Name, and Level you are currently working

Write an essay on the following: What do you like about dressage and how has your experience with horses helped you in other areas of your life. (Approximately one page)

There will be a prize for the best essay and it may be published in newsletters!

Clinic will include a private lesson both days, meals, two nights of stabling and many daily activities. You must be able to attend the clinic in its entirety. We will begin Monday evening and conclude Wednesday evening. Participants will need to provide their own transportation and accommodations. Participants will be announced no later than May 5th .


The Area 3 1* Team became Silver Medalist’s  — Photo Courtesy of Mad Kat Dressage

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to junior member Suzannah Rogers, 14, for sharing her experience at the National Dressage Pony Cup. 

Though transport issues meant a later-than-expected arrival at the showgrounds and rain and lightning forced delays, including one right in the middle of her ride, SCDCTA junior member Suzannah Rogers called her experience at this year’s National Dressage Pony Cup (NDPC), held July 8-10 at the Kentucky Horse Park (Lexington) “a really amazing opportunity” and one she is eager to repeat next year, preferably with a posse of pony-riding pals in tow. 07-2016 Natl. Dressage Pony Cup 2

“My experience at NDPC was amazing,” Rogers said. “It was the culmination of a lot of hard work with my pony, Rush, and our trainers, Sandra Bussey and Kathryn Butt of Mad Kat Dressage. I would recommend this show to anyone out there that rides a pony and is serious about dressage. I’d love to see a caravan of pony trailers making their way to Kentucky from South Carolina [next year].”

She added that several girls who ride with the Mad Kat Dressage crew are already planning for next year’s NDPC.

Considerable trouble with transportation caused Rogers and her Haflinger pony, Adrenaline Rush, to arrive at the Kentucky showgrounds much later than expected. She also discovered on Friday morning that she was much more nervous than she had expected to be, and that “there were beautiful ponies everywhere!”

Rain fell most of the first day of competition, leading to Rogers’ first experience with a lightening delay—right in the middle of her ride.

07-2016 Natl. Dressage Pony Cup 1“The announcer called for everyone to dismount and go back to the barns immediately,” she recalled. “I was the last pony out of the dressage complex, everyone was running to get out of the storm. Later we logged onto the laptop to watch the live stream video coverage of the show. It finally sunk in that people could watch all of us in the show on the computer, even in the rain.”

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day, with temperatures that “Rush” loved compared to the low country heat indexes that typically mark his summers. Rogers said that both she and Rush were much happier with their Day 2 rides, finishing fourth in Training Level Junior and fourth in First Level Junior.

Rogers had high praise for the management of this show, noting that the volunteers were “so helpful and friendly.” She also got to meet NDPC founder Jenny Carol, who remembered Rogers’ pony from his very first Pony Cup appearance with a previous owner. Carol’s daughter has ridden her own Haflinger mare in several Prix St Georges classes. Rush’s previous trainer was also in attendance, and took time out to greet Rogers while she was hand grazing her pony.

“She was so happy to see Rush,” Rogers said. “She wished me luck and congratulated me on a great pony.”

The Kentucky Dressage Assn. partnered with NDPC to present a combined show. Ponies from 25 different states competed, requiring five rings to run all day for three days straight. Former Olympic judge Axel Steiner provided commentary on live stream video for USEFnetwork.com. In addition to the dressage classes, a breed show took place on Saturday and Sunday.

7-2016 Cover-CarsonR07-2016 Members News-CarsonR photo 3 (kButt)

Carson and her horse Mr. Cool

2016 Junior Clinic
Jodie Kelly
Monday, June 6th & Tuesday, June 7th
South Carolina Equine Park

To download list click the link: 2016 JuniorClinicList

Below is the list of riders selected for the upcoming 2016 Junior’s Clinic:

Ally Robinson
Sam elsey
Virginia quarles
Camille molten
Maya Vanzyl
Mary Beckett hills
Clara Richards
Charlotte Ferguson
Markella Stavrinakes
Tiffany Kingston
Maddie Pothier
Nicole Kingston
Maya Miller
Alice Ohlandt

Lydia McLeod
Mary Lide Wallace


2015 Junior Article from Ally…

photos courtesy of: Wendy Robinson

Camille Molten, Hannah Neimy and Ally Robinson

In a first for South Carolina, three junior SCDCTA members made it all the way to the USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals, held last month in Illinois.

Camille Molton, Hannah Neimy and Ally Robinson spent an exciting week at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Ill., where the action included 11 national championships in three divisions: the U.S. Dressage Festival of Champions; the Markel/USEF Young and Developing Horse Championships; and the USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals.

Note from SamanthaSamantha

My name is Samantha Elsey, I live in Charleston, SC. I am thirteen years old and am in the eighth grade at Fort Johnson Middle School. I will be taking over Drew Carlin’s position of Junior Representative, along with Lottie, as Drew is going off to college. I have been riding for five years and about two years with the SCDCTA. I am currently competing my Thoroughbred Percheron cross, Gator, who is six years old. I hope I can meet every one and see you around.
Samantha Elsey