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Dixie D'or

Congratulations to Dixie D'or, better known as "Abby," the winner of SCDCTA's 2017 Golden Oldie Award, sponsored by Equinox Equine Massage Therapy. 20-year-old Abby, ridden by Jessica Gregory, had an average dressage score of 67.450%. Way to go, Abby and Jessica!


Sponsored by Equinox Equine Massage Therapy
Awarded annually to recognize the contribution that older horses make to the development of dressage riders. Submissions must be received by October 30. Electronic submissions are accepted. Submissions received after Oct. 30 will be discarded without consideration. A single Golden Oldies award will be given each year. Presentation will occur at SCDCTA’s awards banquet and annual meeting. For additional information about this award, contact Lisa Hinkle.

Riders/owners are solely responsible for submitting the following documentation to Lisa Hinkle of Equinox Equine Massage Therapy:

A. A copy of the front page of each test; this must show the name and date of the show, the names of the horse and rider, the score and the judge’s signature.
B. Documentation of the horse’s age, such as a current Coggins or copy of pedigree showing year of birth.



  • The horse must be lifetime-registered with the SCDCTA at the time each score is earned.
  • The rider must be an SCDCTA member in good standing at the time each score is earned.
  • The horse must earn four scores during a single SCDCTA competition year (Oct. 1-Sept. 30) at either USEF shows or SCDCTA-recognized schooling shows, or any combination thereof.
  • Scores from multiple riders may be used to qualify the same horse.
  • Scores from multiple levels may be used.
  • Horses must be at least 15 to qualify for this award.


  • The winning horse will be the one with the highest figure using the formula: Average of four submitted scores + Age of horse.
  • To acknowledge the greater difficulty of higher versus lower levels, the following weighting system will be used:
    A. For Introductory and Training Level tests, no additional points will be added to the total gained by adding the horse’s age to the average score.
    B. For First Level, 0.5 point will be added to the total.
    C. For Second Level, 1 point will be added.
    D. For Third Level, 1.5 points will be added.
    E. For Fourth Level, 2 points will be added.
    F. For PSG, 3 points will be added.
    G. For Intermediare, 4 points will be added.
    H. For Grand Prix, 5 points will be added.
  • A single horse may be entered at any two sequential levels.